Explore the world and join a community of like-minded people with Crumbz – an app for sailing and travelling lovers.


  • 5 months


  • UI Design
  • UX Design


With every year, more and more people take interest in sailing. Our client’s dream was to create an app that would connect the fans of this activity from all over the world. Crumbz lets you plan trips, exchange tips, and find exciting landmarks.


Crumbz exists somewhere on the intersection of a social network and a navigation app. Our main challenge was to create an ecosystem that would stand out among other apps from this category and that the users would instantly fall in love with.

Explore hidden gems.

Something for everyone

You don’t need to be an expert sailor to enjoy what Crumbz has to offer. Well, you don’t even have to be a sailor at all! Its many functionalities can be enjoyed by a wide range of people – including kayakers, hikers, and even local business owners.

And share their beauty with others.

Adventure time

Our creative brains are powered by challenges. That's why building a brand's identity from scratch is one of our favorite activities.

And the logotype.

Palette with contrasting colors.

The logo.

Achievement badges for active users.

Friendly and distinguishable font.

The app works as a navigation tool.

Map it out

Not all great adventures have to be spontaneous. When creating Crumbz we put a lot of effort into the wireframing of the app – sometimes it’s just better to be sure that everything is in the right place before setting sails.

And includes a lot of social features.

Embark on a journey

and meet Crumbz

Share your thoughts

Crumbz gives its users the option to rate visited places and comment on other people’s pins. This way the users can build on each other's knowledge.

Be social

Other users can visit your profile, check out your interests, adventures you’ve been on, and even the kind of equipment you use. They can even add you as a friend so you can plan future trips together.

Find your tribe

Whenever you visit a region, you can join its “tribe” and instantly connect with other people in the area. These groups build a sense of community and help travelers learn more about the area.

Stay up to date

The “tribes” section of the app lets you communicate with users in real-time. This forum-like functionality helps you reach more people with your posts and stay up-to-date with what’s happening near you.

Always travel in style

even digitally

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more stories to tell

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