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Our mission was clear. Making sure the client’s excellence and uniqueness shines throughout their marketing website, while also improving the overall product presentation.

Through strategic design and concise messaging, we have transformed their digital presence into a compelling narrative, guiding visitors through the intricacies of 3DS testing with confidence and clarity.



USA, Europe, Asia

Scope of work

Our company was responsible for the full transformation process -- from analyzing user needs all the way to delivering a new, fully functional website.

UX Design
UI Design
Image showing part of atomworks new website

Project Goals


Making the business model and unique value proposition more understandable to the customers.


Creating stronger brand presence that would further solidify the company's position on the market.


Increasing the number of people scheduling a free consultation.


Like every project, this one came with its own set of challenges that we were excited to tackle down, the Riotters way.


Very niche industry

There are only 3 companies in the whole world doing what the client does, so there’s very limited access to the target group, as well as not many resources to learn about the industry challenges.


Limited content available

The original website was just one page, which combined with the niche industry and Atomworks being the only company in the world operating in this specific model, meant that we had to propose new content drafts based on mostly the client’s internal documentation and brochures.


Customer-centered yet complicated business model

Atomworks did to 3DS testing what Uber did to transportation services. They completely flipped the way people thought about testing their solutions. What is one of their greatest advantages, made some people unsure of how exactly they operate and as you can imagine, with very high-tech product it can be a bit complicated to explain that.


By conducting a series of client workshops, UX audit and user interviews, we came up with wireframes that addressed the main pain points.

Customers were anxious about support, especially about who is offering it -- the client, who offers the testing platform solution or the lab that verify the results.

Customers were uncertain about the ease of use. Their main concern about the separation of the testing platform and the lab was the burden of passing the results back and forth.


We started the design phase by creating a simple site map 
and low-fidelity wireframes to plan out the new content.

UX Solutions for Atomworks firstUX Solutions for Atomworks second

This part of our work required careful analysis of all pre-existing components and selecting what should be kept, what should be redone and what should be skipped all together.


Our website stands out with a modern design based on the latest trends in design, while maintaining a dark aesthetic that perfectly fits the character of this industry.

Atomworks New Design Desktop Example

The contrasting colors of interactive elements attract users' attention, providing them with intuitive navigation throughout the site. We pay attention to details to create a sense that each component is crafted with the utmost care. Additionally, we utilize a simple and readable font that is perfectly visible in practically every size, ensuring users' comfort and ease of reading.

Atomworks page fragment example

Our website not only presents an innovative approach to interface design but also guarantees exceptional experiences for users in the fintech industry.

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Riotters shines brightest when overseeing all project phases.

Our cohesive design and development teams, working seamlessly in one space, expedited processes, minimizing development time while ensuring seamless functionality.

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