A complex project for Britain’s leading eyewear and eye care brand.


  • 2019 - ongoing


  • UI Design
  • Branding
  • Prototyping
  • 2D Illustrations
  • 2D Iconography
  • Motion Design
  • Photoshoot
  • Social Media Materials


This truly was one of the most challenging projects in the Riotters’ history. Its scope included developing the mobile and desktop apps, building the brand’s website, designing an AR filter, and even building a one-of a-kind software for remote eye examinations.


Nearly a century-old family business that in the last few years has become one of the leaders in the eye care industry. The company is mostly active in the UK with its online services also available in Dubai and Kuwait.



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Remote eye examinations and consultations with qualified optometrists.

Online contact lenses prescription renewal services.

the end user

More than 50% of Brits struggle with vision defects. It makes it one of the leading health problems in the country. To many, it is synonymous with regular and unavoidable high expenses. 

Eyebou aims at helping this group as it provides the highest quality of care at an affordable price. All thanks to its groundbreaking online solutions:

Eyewear store with a wide range of affordable products.

the brand

Since Eyebou offers both digital and physical products and services, we knew we had to create an identity that would be consistent and translatable over a wide variety of elements.

And the color scheme.

As well as leaflets and other printable materials.

It all began with the logotype.

We also designed the packaging.

AR filters for trying on glasses digitally.

A wide portfolio of unique icons.

But that’s not all

The scope of this project required a lot of work in the digital sphere. This gave us the possibility to fully unleash our creativity.

Custom characters.

Eyewear built for you

One of the elements that distinguish Eyebou from its competition is the eyewear store that allows for full customization of your glasses. While working on this project we had to wireframe over 120 screens of which most were connected to the online store’s functionalities. Impressive?

We think so too!

See it

With your own eyes

A store like no other

Eyebou gives you the option to choose between different frame shapes, colors, and tinting options.

Importance of eye health

There’s also the possibility to change the lens thickness and, most importantly, the lens power.

Eyecare anywhere

As you design your perfect glasses, you can check out what the final product will look like in the preview box on the side of the screen.

Even more possibilities…

…with the mobile app


The mobile app has the same functionalities as the website and lets you shop for glasses and contact lenses.

Try them on

Custom AR filters allow users to try on the glasses that they’ve built before purchase. The app even has a social feature that lets your friends join in.

Consult a specialist

Via the mobile app, you can book a video chat and an eye examination from an optometrist who can recommend the best solutions for you.

via brand new website

A holistically digital approach to eye care

Visit Eyebou’s website to learn more about this unique company, its mission, and its accomplishments.

Mobile ready

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Conversion rate increased



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