Rob Hayes

Born from the love for classic design and modern technology. With their collection of personalized watches, Rob Hayes celebrates originality, elegance, and tradition.


  • 3 months


  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Research


A one-of-a-kind company offering a wide range of high quality watches. The company was born in Sweden and is built around Swiss watchmaking tradition & know-how.

With the launch of the Yosemite collection, Rob Hayes organized a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that helped them expand and reach even more customers. 


To create a website that was going to be as unique as the Rob Hayes portfolio.



Conversion rate increased




Full-grain leather.

Let them watch you

Everyone loves to express themselves, and there are many ways to do so. Even something as small as a watch can tell a story and help people understand us. Rob Hayes watches are no different. Their timeless design, bold colors, and unparalleled quality are something that many consider the very definition of taste and class.

Stainless steel.

Personal touch

The brand is all about uniqueness and personalization. And so, we set out to build a website that would highlight those qualities.

Timeless font inspired by the 1920s.

Custom graphics.

Accurate visualizations.

Showcasing the different color combinations.

Personalizing the shopping experience

What sets Rob Hayes watches apart from the competition? They can be so uniquely you as each model comes in tens of different combinations of colors and materials. 

Straight from the get-go, we knew this was the feature that we wanted to build the website around.

And the quality of the materials.

And here is the result

All new modern website

A website that tells a story

Whoever visits the Rob Hayes website will quickly realize that these watches are something special. They will be invited to explore the product catalog and learn about the brand’s history and values.

Unique shopping experience...

...on your phone

Try it on

When designing the mobile version, we wanted the visitor to feel as if they were trying on the watches on their wrists.

And add it to the cart

The user experience journey on mobile devices is as straightforward as on a computer and lets the user complete the order process in under 3 minutes.

See for yourself

Are you done reading? Then it is high time you visit and check out our work in detail.

Try it yourself

See project live


Conversion rate increased



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