A groundbreaking software that brings your computer’s audio quality to a new level.


  • 4 months


  • UI Design
  • UX Design


There is a huge number of people who love listening to music but can’t afford expensive audio equipment. Our client is a group of music enthusiasts who saw this gap in the market and decided to fill it.



Conversion rate increased




Riotters developed two versions of the FxSound desktop app – free and paid. The former was designed to showcase the app’s functionalities and attract customers while the latter offers a much wider range of settings. 

We also built the fxsound.com website where visitors can learn about the benefits of using the app.

Experience music the way the artist wanted you to.

Hear every nuance in the music you make.

The importance of sound

We often don’t realize; how important sound is and how much impact it can have over the way we experience things. Sometimes even the tiniest change and the smallest detail can make a huge difference and bring about new emotions.

Get the most out of your film-viewing experience.

Brand identity

Bold, adventurous, and youthful?
We hear you loud and clear!

Practical and modern icons.

Logotype with an original font.

Limited palette with bold colors.

Equalizer with a wide range of additional effects.

The devil is in the details

While wireframing the app we cooperated with a group of sound engineers and other experts in this field to bring the client a fully complete product with functionalities that the users would truly benefit from.

Personalizable presets for different genres.

And here it is

The final product

At a touch of a button

Using the desktop app is immensely simple as it only takes seconds to select the preset and activate your chosen settings.

Exciting and fresh website

You heard it (t)here first

Do you want to find out more about this amazing app and see another example of our work? Head over to fxsound.com and check out the website that we designed.

Mobile ready

FxSound might not be available on your phone but the website surely is. Have a look!

Try it yourself

See project live


Conversion rate increased



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