MySet Music

Song requests made easy

An app designed for a Nashville-based start-up that connects music fans with their favorite artists. Our studio was responsible for the creation of the mobile app, website and brand identity design.


  • 2018 - ongoing


  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Research
  • Branding
  • Motion Design
  • Social Media Materials


Nashville has an exceptionally large and vibrant music scene with thousands of concerts each year. Its nickname - Music City – is, therefore, no coincidence.
Our client came to us with a straightforward, yet difficult challenge: to design an app that would revolutionize the way fans experience live music while simultaneously supplementing the artists’ income and streamlining the song request process.

Industry Game-changer

A local start-up with dreams of conquering the entire world. MySet Music was launched in Nashville but it is already becoming increasingly popular in other US cities and abroad with tens of thousands of active users. 

Our client’s idea is an industry game-changer that has the potential to become the new standard thanks to a mechanism that benefits both the artists and their fans.



Conversion rate increased



MySet for artists: create events, reach your fanbase, find new listeners.

the end user

The app was designed with two target groups in mind:
• small, local artists, musicians and bands;
• their listeners. 

Both of these audiences have different needs and expectations that we set out to meet.

MySet for fans: find concerts, tip musicians and influence their setlists.

the brand

The scope of this project was exceptionally wide and included several elements ranging from digital environments to physical objects and everything in between.

Our starting point was designing the logotype.

We proposed a youthful and elegant brand identity.

Most of our work was centered around digital content.

We had to create the brand’s identity from scratch.

The logotype was then used to create the logo and the app’s icon.

And created a user-friendly app with dedicated icons.

We also designed business cards, flyers, roll-ups, and even tabletop ads for mySet.

From the listener's perspective, the app mainly serves as a way to explore local gigs, connect with the artists, and influence setlists.


We started the design process by laying out the content and functionalities that we thought the app had to include. We focused on the user needs and user journey from the perspective of both of the target groups.

The artists benefit from the app by reaching more people, increasing their income, and getting direct feedback from the fans.

And here is the result

Meet the web app


An interactive map with all of the concerts happening in the local area. 

By setting up an event page within the app the musicians can inform their fans of where and when they’re going to play next.

Connect with the artists

MySet provides its users with the opportunity to stay up to date with their favorite musicians. It also allows them to become monthly supporters.


A space within the app where the musicians can track their monthly earnings, plan events and where they have access to a wide range of statistics.


The performers can see song requests in real-time and have the ability to accept or reject the suggestions.

Be more flexible...

...with the mobile app

Innovative tipping

MySet’s tipping mechanism provides the fans with a way to directly support their favorite artists.

Live setlists

Through tips, the fans can also influence the setlists in real-time. The bigger the donation, the bigger the chance of the song being played during the concert.

Extend your experience...

...with the TV app

Brand new website

functionalities. Accessible
to more.

This way, we made sure that the client had the option to reach an even wider audience with mySet in the future.

Social Media

Connect with
the users

Riotters were also responsible for the design of the brand’s SoMe profiles on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


Conversion rate increased



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