The build is an ecosystem of software solutions focused on solving daily business issues encountered in the construction industry.


  • 2019 - ongoing


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The idea behind The Build is simple - to simplify the process of project management in the construction industry.  

Our goal was to create an app that would benefit everyone in the field – property developers, subcontractors, accountants, and even suppliers. All these groups have specific needs that we had to identify and meet.


The people behind the idea have decades of experience in this field. They know it inside-out and are well aware of all the issues and challenges that tend to arise during the construction process. Their insight is what makes The Build a truly unique and complete product.



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Facilitating the communication between different parties involved.

Day-to-day operations and budget management.

A nexus of functionalities

When we first started working on The Build, we realized it was going to be an immensely versatile app with tens of different functionalities. It was therefore crucial for us to identify the key areas of focus:

Sourcing materials and liaising with suppliers.

B is for Build

Riotters were responsible for creating the brand’s identity from scratch. In the process, we realized that developing an app is similar to erecting a building.

One where creativity and functionality meet.

To become the fundament on which the final product is built.

All great projects start with a well-thought-out design.

And that is later digitalized.

The thorough account verification process increases safety.

Client knows best

Working with the team of industry experts from The Build was a great pleasure. Especially during the wireframing stages of the process when we received a lot of valuable insight and feedback, proving to us that the client truly knows best.

The marketplace connects local distributors and contractors.

And here is the result

Meet the web app

Reach new clients

The web app was designed for distributors and gives them the ability to bid on “shopping lists” that have been advertised in the area.

Stay on top of your bids

The Build helps the suppliers track all the bids they’re currently in. It shows which bids have been accepted or rejected and notifies the user when there is a new listing in the area.

Everything in one place

Additionally, the web app facilitates payments using the online payment processing software Stripe and helps with delivery calendar management.

And for those on-site…

…the mobile app

For contractors

Create material lists, track projects, assign team members to specific tasks, manage to-do lists, and share your progress with the client. These are among the key functionalities of the mobile app.

For property developers

Reach new suppliers and receive competitive bids. The Build also lets you automatically integrate receipts into the budget.

Guaranteed safety

The team behind the app sources suppliers and regularly inspects their profiles to ensure the highest quality of services.

via brand new website

Find out more from the website

We’ve also designed The Build’s website that helps the company advertise its services and source new business.

Mobile ready

The design process also included the creation of the mobile version of the website. One that would be easy to maneuver and informative. Feel free to check it out!

Try it yourself

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Conversion rate increased



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